You need to know these fashion photography tips before you start…

Wassup! I’m glad to see you here my man. What do you do? Do you own a fashion brand or a photo agency? It doesn’t really matter. Why? I just think that this article will be beneficial for all. This article is not some fact-driven piece you may see all over the internet, I want to make it interesting for you fam. So what are we talking about today? I’d like to share top tips and tricks for fashion photography. All I have mentioned here is based on my own experience (no bullsh*t). So without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

The first point is so simple and obvious, but I still see people making this mistake in 2018.

Get the right equipment

Yep, if you really want to become a high paid photographer you need to invest in the right equipment. Photography is a highly competitive niche. Thousands of people with the cameras in place can’t get a job. Let’s get it real, your chances without a professional camera is even slimmer than theirs.

This is the first and easiest problem you need to overcome. Invest $1K to $2K into the right shooter and you’re good to go. Now comes the harder part – pulling out a great artwork. Photography is not an easy thing to make money on as many people may assume so think twice before committing to it.

Be different

This is why some guys make six figures in their first year and some make zero in their entire life. You need to succeed in this industry. How? The only way to do that is by being a unique photographer who strives for his own greatness. You have to have a fire in your eyes. You need to be passionate cause this is not about money.

I understand that it may be hard for a starter to consistently put in the hard work and get nothing in return but it needs to be done. We all started that way and we know what it feels like. Don’t give up, take a break if you’re emotionally drained and come back when you’re fully ready. Find inspiration, that way you’re bound to get through the process a lot faster and easier.


Let’s say you’ve overcome all the problems and you learned how to produce a great artwork. Now you need to sell it and trust me, a truly great artwork costs good money. I’ve seen many guys who are pros in photography, but they keep down pricing themselves by taking the $8/hour jobs. Never fear to sell your work for a fair price. Become known in the industry. Grow your personal brand. Contact the brands, makes them feel like you’re the right man for the job. There’re so many ways to start earning more, but you’ve got to start charging a fair price first.

Don’t be discouraged by this piece. You need to accept all the things I’ve said here to become big in photography. I wish you all the best in your career and hope this article helped you get on the right track. See ya!

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