We’ve compiled all the beauty photography tips you need here. Read on.

Yoo! How are you guys doing? We have a pretty interesting topic for today – beauty photography. As you already know we’ve already covered all the thing you need to go through to succeed in fashion photography. Now let’s discuss the beauty niche, what key points you need to know before doing a photo shoot. I’m very excited and I hope you feel the same. I highly advise you to read this till the end cause we’re the ones who share all our experiences and helps you succeed in this highly competitive niche (brag alert). Are you ready? Let’s dive in for the best beauty photography tips.

Should you even start?

As we have mentioned in our previous article (Check it out), working as a photographer isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You need to consistently put in the hard work to succeed in this industry. You need to put your passion in it. You need to be creative. You need to know how to sell. So should you even start? Maybe photography isn’t really for you? You absolutely need to start if you feel that photography is what you love. Don’t let my words stop you. I’m just stating real facts you need to face and work with. No rainbow bullsh*t here, only hard truth. You should absolutely start my man. As someone said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Take the risk and become an expert photographer.

This is the biggest mistake a beginner photographer can make. Please hear me now, you don’t need $10K lenses. You don’t need to own a large studio in Manhattan. You don’t need fancy surroundings. You need to start and improve as you go. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to be unique though, that’s an absolute must. You won’t believe me if I say that many beautiful photos you see on world’s top magazines were taken in a living room or most commonly in a bathroom.

No fancy backgrounds needed. All you really need is a white background to make a close-up photo, especially if you’re doing beauty photography. Don’t let excuses stop you from starting. I believe in you and I wish you all the best in your career.


“I’ll fix everything later in Photoshop”. Nope, you’re setting yourself up for massive failure. Always remember the less Photoshop you use, the better the end result will be. Don’t be shy to retake the photos if you feel like doing so. At the end of the day, this is your job so you better be doing it the right way. I’ve missed so many great shots just because of this mindset. Don’t repeat my mistakes.

Okay, this article is bigger than I expected. There’re so many more tips I want to talk about so let’s make the second part of this article. I hope you’re getting some value out of this. There’s more heat in the second part so I see you there.

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