Should you spend $$$ on product photos?

product photos

Another article, more valuable tips to be shared. Long time no see, huh? What’s up, guys? How you all feeling? Today, as we always do here, we will talk about photography (who would have guessed, right?). We will dive deep into the realms of commercial photography. It’s no secret that high-quality product photos can raise up your sales from zero to one hundred real quick. Yeah, but how can you actually take those HQ photos? You’d probably need a high budget for it, right? You’d probably have to hire an expensive team of photographers to make the photos look good, right? Um, you know what? Let’s keep it structured and answer these questions one by one. Dear entrepreneurs, let’s get it.

Guys, I feel what you’re going through right now, I really do. You have to buy products in bulk, you need to hire people, you need to spend money on marketing. There’re so many upfront costs to start a proper business, it’s crazy. You may think: “What? Product photos? It’s not that important.” While I do understand your point, I must disagree with it. Great photos allow you to easily raise the perceived value of your products. That’s why some companies can have 10x margin on the same product, while others only have 2x. Branding is the key element of any business and you should never neglect it, trust me.

Damn, it must be true. I need to put aside another $5K for these product photos. Nope, that’s not true at all 🙂 In fact, you can get away with just $100 or less. You can’t expect the end result to be world class, but it can be pretty decent for a start.

Okay, so what do you actually need to take decent product photos? It’s pretty simple.


First of all, you gotta have a camera, DSLRs are always the first choice. However, if you don’t own one of those expensive shooters, there’s no need to be upset. The latest smartphones all tend to have great cameras and you can totally start with them.


Guys, this thing is an absolute must. You can find many decent options for under $50, it’s not expensive at all. There’s not really much to say. This thing holds your camera. You don’t really want your photos blurred, do you?

White background

The main idea here is to keep it super simple. A white wall, a white desk or a piece of paper, you can use them all. It’s always better to go with a pure white background to remove the tidiest part of editing for you.


Okay, now you understand that you can start on the cheap. However, when the money starts coming in, it’s always essential to think about upgrading your DIY photos. To get the idea of what you should strive for, I’d like to show you one of the photos of the brand called Ambassador.

We think that they’re doing an amazing job in terms of their product photos. What do you think? Did you like this article? Definitely let us know and with that being said, we see you soon!

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