Last month I had published editorials in two men’s lifestyle magazines – The Stndrd and American Gentleman. I meant to write about them more around the time they happened but life got the best of me and the blog got pushed to the back burner. The Stndrd hit newsstands on June 18th and I shot three editorials for the issue (including the cover!).

The cover story was Hannah Simone (who plays opposite Zooey Deschanel on the television show, New Girl). Arianny Celeste (A UFC ring girl) was featured inside – I got to shoot her at the Figueroa Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The third piece was a men’s summer fashion editorial shot right outside my door – on Venice Beach. Here’s a sample of the editorials as well as some alternate shots that didn’t make it into the publication…

We shot Hannah at Focus Studio – which is right down the street from my house. Aaron Lucy was on hand to assist me and Hannah had her own styling team (all of whom were amazing). The editor wanted something really clean (which is why we went with the studio rather than on location) so I used my tried and true even lighting technique but I added a hair light directly above Hannah on a c-stand.

Arianny Celeste was shot on location at the Figueroa Hotel (which is located in downtown LA). The magazine decided on the location and I was able to check it out online before the shoot. The rooms looked awesome in terms of decor/vibe, however, when we arrived, we were surprised at how small they were. This was one of those situations where I needed to use creative light placement to get the look I wanted without getting any of my gear in the shot. Rich Ragsdale (my partner in crime) came along to help me out – which was great because he’s my favourite person to bounce ideas off of – so I knew we’d make it work. Each setup was pretty much a one-light deal.

The men’s fashion editorial was shot using natural light (no modifiers) on Venice Beach. We had five models (3 female, 2 male), two makeup artists, a stylist, and the Stndrd crew – so it was a fairly large team. Since we were shooting on the weekend – no one paid us any attention (which is exactly how I like it).

For the American Gentleman shoot the vibe was completely different – we shot one male model at a loft downtown (that had an amazing view) – the idea being that he was a well-to-do bachelor. I shot mostly natural light, except for a couple looks where I exposed for the background (the downtown skyline) and then used strobes to light the model. This was actually the first time I had ever mixed strobes with ambient, so I was excited to have the opportunity. I’m not so behind on blogging about this one as it was released June 29th – mainly an online publication, you can purchase it here.

So it looks like June was my month of shooting men! I don’t normally photograph male models (although truth be told – my favourite “real people” subjects are always men) but it was nice to have the chance to do it twice in one month…

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