Beauty photography. Part 2.

Boom! We’re back with a second part of the legendary article. I mean the article where we’re talking about the best beauty photography tips. We’re making a history here guys 🙂 There’re so many more tips we have to cover. I need your feedback though, are you getting value from these articles (that’s my ultimate goal)? Also, please let me know guys, what articles you want to see on this blog. We’re a growing community and you are the main part of it.

Okay, okay. We’re getting straight to the topic. Best beauty photography tips for a newbie or an experienced photographer. Let’s get it.

Check the end result

Guys, this is uber important. Please always check your camera’s monitor to see if everything is good after you took the shot. Imagine this, you take photos of a model, she gives you a good look, you praise her for the job and later on, you realize that the photos you just took are complete sh*t cause you forgot to check the lighting. You’re looking like a fool now. I don’t want you to end up in this situation so please check the shooter’s monitor, don’t just click away, hoping that you’ll get a good result.

The main mistake I often made was overexposing the photos because I had just changed my camera settings. Duh, what an epic fail. Imagine having this issue in every photo shoot.

Nowadays, I’ve made a rule for myself to keep checking the back of my camera after every 10 shots. Boom! Who else would share this kind of stories with you? You know the answer (shameless plug).

No silence

What kind of title is that? Lol, hold on, I’m gonna explain now. You must talk to the model during the photo shoot. She is the main part of this whole thing, not you but she. Make her comfortable and informed, this will help you get better poses and expressions which benefits both parties. You need to be a psychologist in a way. You’ll have a much better result if you tell her nice things and make her feel good about herself. This is not just my personal saying, it’s been tested by me and other reputable photographers with positive results.

You got my point. I truly believe that the best photography is created when everything is in balance and both parties are happy with the result. You need to believe in the model and she needs to believe in you, there should be a mutual respect. Be positive and upfront and you should be good.

Unfortunately, all the great things have to come to an end. That’s probably all I wanted to cover today. Don’t forget to let us know what kind of articles you want. As always I hope you’ve got some valuable knowledge from these 2 articles. Stay tuned guys cause there are more fire pieces coming soon. See ya!

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